List of HSC Oral History Interviews

Please note:  A separate collection of oral history interviews from the College of Nursing can be found online in the UF Digital Collections.

1- Melvin Fried- COM (Biochemistry) [Samuel Proctor]

2- Henry Hinkley- HSC, Physical Plant [Samuel Proctor]

3- Evelyn Sims- Shands [Samuel Proctor]

4- Arthur Otis- COM (Physiology)- founding chair [Samuel Proctor]

5- Thomas Maren- COM (also see #24) (Pharmacology)- founding chair, involved in creation of Trusopt, glaucoma treatment [Samuel Proctor]-  April 16, 1981

6- Darrel Mase- PHHP[Samuel Proctor]

7- George Harrell- COM (see also#11)- founding dean of COM, part of Med Center Study planning committee [Samuel Proctor] Feb. 23, 1977

8- Leo Gramling- COM [Samuel Proctor]

9-. Kenneth Finger COP/VPHA [Samuel Proctor]

10-. Emanuel Suter- COM (Microbiology)- founding chair of Microbiology [Samuel Proctor]

11- George Harrell- COM- founding dean [Samuel Proctor]

12- Clyde Williams- COM/VA [Samuel Proctor]

13- Ruth Martin- COM- wife of Samuel Martin (below) [Samuel Proctor]

14- Samuel Martin- COM/VPHA (Medicine)- founding chair of medicine, become Provost/Vice President of Health Affairs [Samuel Proctor]- Both are up, combined, dates are 6/13/1984   and 12/21/1984

15- Lester Evans- Commonwealth Fund [Samuel Proctor]

16- Samuel Martin- COM/VPHA (Medicine)- founding chair of medicine, become Provost/Vice President of Health Affairs [Samuel Proctor]  Both are up, combined, dates are 6/13/1984   and 12/21/1984

17- Michael Wood- JAX [Samuel Proctor]

18- Harry Prystowsky- COM (Ob/Gyn)- founding chair of ob/gyn, became dean of Penn State Hershey College of Medicine [Samuel Proctor]

19- Lamar Crevasse- COM (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

20- Richard Smith- COM (Pediatrics)- founding chair of pediatrics, later chair of immunology [Samuel Proctor]- doesn’t come up on the launch page-

21- Richard Schmidt- COM (Neurology) [Samuel Proctor]

22- Edward Woodward- COM (Surgery)- founding chair of surgery [Samuel Proctor]

23- Hugh Hill- COM (Ob/Gyn)-  [Samuel Proctor]

24- Thomas Maren- COM (Pharmacology)- founding chair, involved in creation of Trusopt, glaucoma treatment [Samuel Proctor]  

25- Robert Cade- COM (Medicine)- headed study inventing Gatorade.  [Samuel Proctor]

26- Mel Rubin- COM (Ophthalmology) [Samuel Proctor]

27- David Drylie- COM (Urology) [Samuel Proctor] 

28- Lois Malasanos- CON [Faith McCarthy] 4-7-1992

29- Dorothy Smith- CON (first Dean)

30- Mark Barrow- COM (C/O 1960) [Samuel Proctor]- multiple interviews, interview with Proctor not on launch page-

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Interview 7-20-2022

Interview 1-14-2021

Interview with Ann Smith 3-22-2018

31- Malcolm Randall- VA [Samuel Proctor] NOT FOUND-HAVE TRANSCRIPT

32- Gerald Berenson- Tulane [Samuel Proctor]

33- Gerold Schiebler- COM (Pediatrics) [Samuel Proctor]

34- Jerome Modell- COM (Anesthesiology) [Samuel Proctor]

35- Allen Neims-COM (Pharmacology) [Samuel Proctor] NOT FOUND HAVE TRANSCRIPT

36- David Challoner- COM (Medicine)- Vice president [Samuel Proctor]

37- Jape Taylor- COM  (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

38- George Singleton- COM (Otolaryngology) [Samuel Proctor]

39- James Green- COM [Samuel Proctor]

40- William Enneking- COM (Orthopedics) [Samuel Proctor]   

41- Shirley Graves- COM (Anesthesiology) [Samuel Proctor] NOT FOUND HAVE TRANSCRIPT

42- William Thomas, Jr- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]

43- Waldo Fisher- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]

44- Leighton Cluff- COM (Medicine) [Nina S-R]      

45- Francisco Herrero- COM (C/O 1960) [Nina S-R]

46- Hazel Donegan- COM (Medical education) [Nina S-R]

47- Jean Bennett- COM (C/O 1960) [Nina S-R]   

48- Alan Block- COM (Medicine) [Samuel Proctor]

49- Dana Shires- COM (C/O 1961)- involved in invention of Gatorade [Julian Pleasants] –  

50- C. Max Lang- Penn State COM [Nina S-R]

51- James Free- COM (C/O 1960)- involved in creation of Gatorade [Julian Pleasants]

52- Joachim Gravenstein- COM (Anesthesiology)- founding chief of the division, later founding chair of the department [Nina S-R]

53- Lee Dockery- COM (Ob/Gyn)-  

54- Melvin Greer- COM (Neurology) [Nina S-R]

55- Michael Schwartz- COP Dean  NOT FOUND, HAVE TRANSCRIPT

56- Sidney Cassin- COM (Physiology)

57- Warren Ross- COM (Medical Education) [Nina S-R]

58- Susan Petrina- Penn State COM [Nina S-R]

59- Richard Streiff- COM  (Medicine) [Nina S-R] NOT FOUND, HAVE TRANSCRIPT

60- Louis Russo-JAX COM (Neurology) (incomplete) [Nina S-R]

61A- Kenneth Berns- COM (incomplete) [Nina S-R] 3-10-2003  First interview-

61B- Kenneth Berns COM- completed interview [Nina S-R] NOT FOUND, HAVE RECORDING- this interview complements the original interview done with Berns

62- Ted Srygley- HSC Library, director [Nina S-R]

63- Carolyn Hall- HSC Library, director of Borland Library [Nina S-R]

64- Henry Miller- COM (Urology) [Nina S-R] 

65- Shirley Bloodworth- Student Health Center [Nina S-R]   Recording

66- Lal Garg- COM (Pharmacology) [Nina S-R] 

67- Edward Copeland- COM (Surgery)-also videotaped [Nina S-R] 

68- Joseph Gennaro- COM (Anatomy) [Nina S-R]

This links to an interview with Ann Smith Numbered as WWII 342

69- Richard Gutekunst- COPHHP Dean – also videotaped [Nina S-R]

70- Edward Block- COM (Medicine) – also videotaped [Nina S-R] 

71- Albert Rhoton- COM (Neurosurgery)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]  

72- Jerry Kidney- HSC VPHA [Nina S-R]  

73- C. Craig Tisher- COM (Medicine- Nephrology) [Nina S-R]  

74- Robert Nuss COM JAX  [Nina S-R]  

75- Donald Caton- COM (Anesthesiology) [Ann Smith]  

76- Martha Wroe- PHHP (Physical Therapy) [Nina S-R]

77- Douglas Barrett- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

78- Richard Bucciarelli- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

79- Margaret Shoemyen-    11-26-2012

80- Terence Flotte- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]  

81- Lodewyck van Mierop- COM (Pediatrics)- also videotaped [Nina S-R]

82- Shelley Fraser Mickle- [Nina S-R] HAVE TRANSCRIPT  

83- Richard Smith- COM (Pediatrics)- videotaped [Nina S-R]

84- Gerold Schiebler- COM (Pediatrics)- videotaped [Nina S-R]

85A- Jennifer Lee-     9-4-2013 

85B- Jennifer Lee-     9-10-2013

86- Genevieve Camp- 9-23-2013

87- Amy Bucciarelli- 9-12-2013

88- Lenore Hervey- 10-8-2013

89- Sheila de la Pena- 10-17-2013

90- Susan Loman- 10-28-2013

91- Heather Spooner-  10-31-2013

92- Arlan Rosenbloom- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]

93- Marcus Drewa and Mr Gay- Jacksonville, Methodist Hospital [Nina S-R]

94- Richard Howard-    6-12-2014

95- Nikolas Gravenstein- COM (Anesthesiology)

96- Reuben Brigety- COM [Nina S-R]

97A- Kathleen Shiverick- COM (Pharmacology) [Nina S-R]  7-29-2014

97B- Kathleen Shiverick 8-5-2014

98- (Joseph) Adrian Tyndall- COM (Emergency Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

99- Nancy Mendenhall- COM (Radiation Oncology) [Nina S-R]  

100- Donna Parker- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]  

101- Janet Silverstein- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]  

102- Kevin E. Berhns- COM (Surgery) [Nina S-R]  

103- Richard Barry Gibbons- 11-15-2017

104-. Michael Good- COM (Anesthesiology) [Nina S-R]  

105- David Guzick- VPHA  [Nina S-R]   

106- Douglas Anderson- COM (Neuroscience) [Nina S-R]  

107- Louis Ritz- COM (Neuroscience) [Nina S-R]  

108- Kenneth Heilman- COM (Neurology) [Nina S-R]  

109- Richard Davidson- COM  (Internal Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

110-. Gary Rexroat- COM (Physician Assistant Program) [Nina S-R]  

111- Paul Gibbs- CVM [Nina S-R]  

112- Venita Sposetti- COD [Nina S-R]   

113- Larry Rooks- COM (Family Medicine) [Nina S-R]  

114-   Ralph Hadley- TZ Cason Grandson [Nina S-R]   

115- Charlotte Maguire- Private practice (Governor’s committee) [Nina S-R]

116- Justine Frye Vaughan–(PM and R, first woman practicing in Gainesville) [Nina S-R] ZOOM RECORDING

117- David Sammons- UF, International Center, received first polio vaccines in the experimental tests [Nina S-R]

118- Margaret Sammons-  Mother had had polio [Nina S-R]

119- Margaret Waid- COM (Pathology) [Nina S-R]  

120- Ira Gessner- COM (Pediatrics) [Nina S-R]

121- Penny Wheat- (Daughter of Myron Wheat, COM (Surgery) ) [Nina S-R]

122- Cynthia Moore Chestnut- Shands Hospital (Shands Eastside Community Relations and Education Coordinator) [Nina S-R]