Series 10b UF College of Nursing

Series 10b     – Records, 1956-1987.

Physical Description: 9 boxes (3.5 linear ft.)

Arrangement note:  Alphabetically by subject.

Agency Note: The College of Nursing at the University of Florida was founded in 1956 under the direction of Dean Dorothy Smith.  It is one of the original colleges in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center.

Contents Note:  Series 10b is an artificial series that contains records of the College of Nursing compiled from files of several early faculty members and former deans and assistant deans of the college.  The materials were gathered in the 1980s as part of an attempt to create a Nursing Historical Collection in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center Library.  That project was abandoned and the records were transferred to the University Archives.  They returned to the Health Center in 2004 to form part of the George T. Harrell Medical History Center. 

Among the faculty who contributed to Series 10b were Dean Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Luther, Lois Knowles and Carol Hayes.  The records date back to the inception of the college in 1956 and there is considerable overlap with Series 10a.  With the exception of Curriculum and Faculty minutes, little effort was made to eliminate redundant material.

There was no order to the collection when it was originally accessioned.  Much of it consisted of individual documents gleaned from people’s personal files.  Handwritten notes are often found with official documents and many of the documents contain annotations in the margins. 

Series 10b consists primarily of faculty memoranda and meeting minutes.  Curricular materials were removed to create a separate series of course materials.   There is considerable documentation on the College’s 25th anniversary celebration in 1981.  Also evident are records related to the teaching philosophy of the college and the effect of that philosophy on the organization of the college.  Speeches and lectures given by Dean Smith and several other faculty members are also found. 

Contents list

Box 1

Alumni Association, College of Nursing section

Ad Hoc Philosophy Committee

Admissions, Graduation and Promotion Committee

Affiliating Programs

Affirmative Action

Association of Faculty and Nursing Staff

College Development Committee (from Carol Hayes’ files)

Committees, miscellaneous

Committee membership

Continuing Education Committee

CORE/Adult Health Faculty meetings

Box 2

Curriculum Committee Minutes 03/04/1963 – 09/12/1966

Curriculum Committee Minutes 09/19/1966 – 10/03/1968

Curriculum Committee Minutes 10/11/1968 – 04/10/1969

Curriculum Committee Minutes 04/23/1969 – 11/25/1969

Curriculum Committee Minutes 01/13/1970 – 05/20/1970

Curriculum Committee Minutes 05/27/1970 – 02/03/1971

Box 3

Curriculum Committee Minutes 02/04/1971 – 12/07/1972

Curriculum Committee Minutes 12/12/1973 – 02/17/1977

Curriculum Committee Minutes 04/07/1977 – 09/24/1984

Curriculum Committee Minutes 09/28/1984 – 08/01/1985

Curriculum Committee Minutes 10/11/1985 – 06/09/1986

Deans and Section Chairs (folder 1)

Box 4

Deans and Section Chairs (folder 2)

Disaster Plans

Faculty Development Committee 1973 – 1974

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Forums and Seminars

Faculty Meeting Minutes 03/03/1966 – 07/17/1969

Faculty Meeting Minutes 10/02/1969 – 03/15/1973

Box 5

Faculty Meeting Minutes 04/19/1973 – 07/21/1977

Faculty Meeting Minutes 08/16/1977 – 12/30/1982

Faculty Meeting Minutes 01/07/1983 – 04/03/1987

Faculty Memoranda

Faculty Training Group

Florida League for Nursing

Box 6

Fundamentals Faculty Group

General Nursing Section

Grade Appeals Board

Graduate Program

Joint Junior and Senior Faculty Meetings

Junior Program Faculty Meetings (folder 1)

Junior Program Faculty Meetings (folder 2)

Medical – Surgical Nursing Section (folder 1)

Medical – Surgical Nursing Section (folder 2)

Box 7

Miscellaneous documents

Newsletters and Bulletins

Nursing History Form, manual

Nursing Policy Board

Nursing Process Committee

Nursing Student Organizations

Organization and Philosophy, Committee on

Organization, Philosophy and Program Evaluation

Organizational Plan 1971

Patient Care Committee

Box 8

Promotion and Tenure Committee


Self – Study Coordinating Committee

Student and Alumni Affairs Committee

Student Development Committee

Speeches, talks, etc. by Dorothy Smith

Speeches, talks, etc. by Nursing Faculty

Student Personnel and Curriculum, Assistant Dean for

Student Liability Insurance

Student Services and Public Relations Committee

Box 9

Subcommittee of the Curriculum for Planning Nursing 221

Subcommittee for Planning Nursing 230, 231

25th Anniversary Celebration (folder 1)

25th Anniversary Celebration (folder 2)

Undergraduate Program