Series 17b College of Pharmacy Development and Alumni Office

Series 17b College of Pharmacy Development and Alumni Office

Physical Description-10 Boxes (4.0 Linear Feet)

Box 1

Alzheimer’s Disease-Aging

Alzheimer’s Disease

Associations-Archer Practice

Associations-Proctor & Gamble, Bergeron, Raymond J.

Associations-Proctor & Gamble, Cheladerm

Associations-UF COP Off-Campus Sites-Development Info.

Associations-UF COP Preceptors

Associations-UPC Bulletin 2001-2002

Associations-University Medical Center Pamphlets

Associations-University Partnership Center

Associations-Walgreen’s Accreditation/College News




Asthma-Asmus et. Al.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Terminology article:  Pulmonary Function Responds to EDTA.

Asthma-Eckerd Asthma Project

Awards-14th Annual Research Showcase, April 19, 2001

Awards-15th Annual Research Showcase and Awards Recognition Day, April 18, 2002

Class Files-Classes of the ‘40’s

Class Files-Class of 1951

Class Files-Class of 1952

Class Files-Class of 1953

Class Files-Class of 1953

Box 2

Class Files-Class of 1954

Class Files-Class of 1956

Class Files-Class of 1957 and 1958

Class Files-Classes in the ‘60’s

Class Files-Class of 1961

Class Files-Class of 1962

Class Files-Class of 1963

Class Files-Class of 1967

Class Files-Class of 1968

Class Files-Classes of the ‘70’s

Class Files-Class of 1970

Class Files-Class of 1971

Class Files-Class of 1972

Class Files-Class of 1973

Class Files-Class of 1976

Class Files-Class of 1978

Class Files-Class of 1979

Class Files-Classes of the ‘80’s

Class Files-Class of 1980

Class Files-Class of 1981

Class Files-Class of 1983

Class Files-Class of 1984

Class Files-Class of 1986

Class Files-Class of 1986

Class Files-Class of 1987

Class Files-Class of 1988

Box 3

Class Files-Class of 1989

Class Files-Class of 1989

Class Files-Reunion 1989

Class Files-Reunion 1989-Growl Orders

Class Files-1990’s Documents

Class Files-Class of 1991

Class Files-Class of 1992

Class Files-Class of 1992

Class Files-Class of 1993

Class Files-Class of 1994

Class Files-Class of 1994

Box 4

Class Files-Class of 1995

Class Files-Class of 1996

Class Files-Class of 1997

Class Files-Class of 1997

Class Files-Class of 1997 Graduation

Class Files-1997 Graduation List and Survey Form

Class Files-Class of 1998

Class Files-Class of 1998, Class Photo Mailing Information

Class Files-Class of 1998, Commencement Publications

Class Files-Class of 1999

Class Files-Class of 2001

Class Files-Class of 2002

Class Files-Class of 2003

Class Files-Class of 2004, Class Representatives

Box 5


Departments-Medicinal Chemistry


Departments-Pharmaceutics-Jeff Hughes

Departments-Pharmaceutics-Sihong Song

Departments-Pharmacogenomics, Biotechnology for UF Publications

Departments-Orchid Bioscience-Center for Pharmacogenomics

Departments-Pharmacogenomics, Orchid Blossoms, Inc.

Departments-Pharmacy Health Care Administration

Departments-Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Program-Warren Spear, August 12, 2000

Departments-Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Donors-Cannon, Thomas

Donors-Fifth Annual Kenneth F. Finger Memorial Golf Classic

Donors-A Fitting Tribute:  Philanthropy

Donors-Pharmacy Tower Donors

Donors-Reid, William T. and Jackie C.

Donors-Study Possibilities

Drug Delivery/Magic Bullet Genes

Eminent Scholar Chair-Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair in Drug Research and Development

Eminent Scholar Chair-Duckworth Eminent Scholar Background and Working Files

Eminent Scholar Chairs-Foote fete Planning File, Friday February 9, 2001

Eminent Scholar Chair-Perry A. Foote

Eminent Scholar Chair-Foote Program, 3/2/2001

Eminent Scholar Chair-Perry A. Foote, Ph.D Eminent Scholar Chair in Health Outcomes Research and Pharmacoepidemiology, March 2, 2001

Box 6

Eminent Scholar Chairs-Gatorx Information

Eminent Scholar Chairs-Abraham G. Hartzema, Pharm.D, MSPH, Ph.D

Faculty-Asmus, Michael

Faculty-Bodor, UF Today

Faculty-Nicholas Bodor

Faculty-Curriculum Vitae (Folder 1)

Faculty-Curriculum Vitae (Folder II)

Faculty-Doering, Paul

Faculty-Doty, Randall

Faculty-Experts List

Faculty-Faculty News

Faculty-Hendeles, Leslie

Faculty-Johnson, Julie A.

Faculty-Johnson, Julie A; Sullivan, Sean; Hughes, Jeffrey

Faculty-Karlix, Janet

Faculty-Riffee, William, Dean

Faculty-Sullivan, Sean

Box 7

HPNP Building-Brick Campaign Pamphlets

HPNP Building-Building Campaign

HPNP Building-Building Dedication Invitations

HPNP Building-Building Dedication and Luncheon

HPNP Building-Building Floor Plans

HPNP Building-Dedication

HPNP Building-Dedication Invitation List, April 25, 2003

HPNP Building-Folder with Debbie Klapp Materials

HPNP Building-Dedication Program, April 25, 2003

HPNP Building

Box 8

HPNP Building

HPNP Building-Invitations to Building Dedication

HPNP Building-Invitation to the CVS/Pharmacy Education Center Dedication

HPNP Building-Program:  CVS/Pharmacy Education Center Dedication

HPNP Building-Regrets-Building Dedication Response Form

75th Anniversary-Program

75th Anniversary-Publications

75th Anniversary-Publications

75th Anniversary-Registration Pamphlets

Box 9

Pain Management

Publications-Alchemy Vol. 1 Number 1

Publications-Biomedia Services

Publications-Brochures, Promotional Materials

Publications-College News

Publications-Dean’s Message-Annual Report

Publications-The Friday Evening Post

Publications-Gatorx Graphic Ideas

Publications-Gatorx, Summer 2002

Publications-A History of Pharmacy in Florida by L.G. Gramling

Publications-Mortar & Pestle

Publications-News Release List


Publications-Pharmacy Art

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, April 1979

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, July 1979

Box 10

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, October 1979

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, January 1980

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, April 1980

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, July 1980

Publications-Pharmacy Newsletter, October 1980

Publications-Programs and Publishables


“We Are the Boys from Old Florida:”  A Pictorial History of the University of Florida

Special Events-Alumni Section

Special Events-Graduation, May 6, 2000

Special Events-Professional Coating

Special Events-Programs (Folder I)

Special Events-Programs (Folder II)

Special Events-Students-White Coating, April 10, 2000

Special Events-Orientation, Fall 2000


Superfund-April 2000