Series 2d- Berns Reading files (1.6 linear feet)

Series 2         College of Medicine, Office of the Dean
Series 2d Ken Berns, MD, PhD Reading files

 Physical Description: 4 boxes (1.6 linear feet)

 Arrangement note: Contains reading files from the Office of the Dean during Dr. Berns deanship.

 Agency note: The University of Florida College of Medicine opened officially for students in the fall of 1956, after a long period while the legislature approved a College of Medicine located in Gainesville, and during which the Medical Center Study was conducted. The first Dean of the College, Dr. George T. Harrell, was hired as a consultant for the study and then became intimately concerned in planning the Center. He was offered the position of Dean of the College in 1953 and officially began his tenure as dean in 1954. Shortly thereafter he began to hire faculty. He was an innovative thinker famous for his attention to detail and his foresightedness. His original faculty consisted of rising stars, rather than older and established physicians, and he believed strongly in the importance of research in medical education. He also believed in the importance of medical humanities and in educating physicians to focus on case histories in aiding diagnosis. Many of his innovations and ideas about curriculum were dropped over the years, while many have become increasingly important- in some cases, medical education has returned to what he saw was important many years before. Thus, his legacy is an important one for the College of Medicine, although future deans would focus to a greater or lesser extent on education, versus clinical practice or research in their funding and hiring initiatives.

Dean of COM:
George T. Harrell 1954-64
Emanuel Suter 1964-1972
Chandler Stetson 1972-1977
William Deal (interim dean and dean) 1977-1988
Lee Dockery (interim dean) 1988-1989
Allen Neims 1989-1996
Edward Copeland (interim dean) 1996-1997
Kenneth I. Berns 1997-2002
C. Craig Tisher 2003-2007

Contents note: Contains material taken from binder holding reading files, arranged chronologically.

Box 1

  • Reading File:  September 1997-June 1998
  • Reading File:  December 30, 1998-July 1, 1998
  • Reading File:  May 28, 1999-January4, 1999

Box 2

  • Reading File:  December 20, 1999-June 2, 1999
  • Reading File:  January 1, 2000-June 30, 2000
  • Reading File:  July 1, 2000-December 29, 2000

Box 3

  • Reading File:  January 1, 2001-May 31,2001
  • Reading File:  June 1, 2001-March 27, 2002