Series 5     Medical Center Study

Series 5                                                                                 Medical Center Study

Physical Description: 11 boxes  (4.6 linear ft)

Arrangement note: Arranged in blocks concerning pre-, during, and post- study issues.

Agency note: Financed by Commonwealth Fund, the study was undertaken at the University of Florida, using faculty committees, bringing in personnel specifically for the study, and working with outside consultants.  Dr. Russell Poor served as director of the study , and Dr. John Maclachlan was chief of Staff and Supervisor of Sociological Studies.

Narrative: The study was a well-planned effort to design a medical center facility that would address current and future health needs of Floridians. Its purpose was to investigate physical plant, administrative organization and functioning of programs of outstanding medical centers and to provide proposals adapting practices to situations and needs in Florida.  The end point of the study was the publication of five volumes summarizing results of research on the different areas into which the study had been divided.

Published volumes consist of:

Volume 1- A Summary, by Russell Poor

  1. Introduction
  2. Florida’s Need for Medical and Related Education
  3. Florida Center of Clinical Services: Interdepartmental Cooperation
  4. Medical Education in a University Setting
  5. Health Center Units
  6. Southern Regional Implications and Inter-American Relationships
  7. Administration, Personnel, Finances, Time Schedule and Principal Recommendations
  8. Recent developments

Volume II- Florida’s Doctors at Mid-Century by John M. Maclachlan, foreword by William Clark Thomas, Sr.

  1. Doctors in Florida
  2. The Age Pattern of Florida’s Doctors
  3. Florida’s Doctors: Supply and Need
  4. Florida Students in Medical Schools Outside Florida
  5. Nonresident Florida Doctors

Volume III- Health and the People in Florida, by John M. Maclachlan

  1. Introduction
  2. Population and Health of Florida
  3. The Growth of Florida Cities
  4. Racial Trends in Florida
  5. Other measures of vitality
  6. Some Health Trends in florida
  7. The Field Study of Disabling Illness
  8. The Bradford County Survey
  9. Some Conclusions

Volume IV- Florida’s Doctors and Nurses by John M. Maclachlan, foreword by C.C. Hillman

  1. Hospital Facilities in Florida
  2. Adequacy of State Hospital Resources
  3. Special Services in Florida Hospitals
  4. Health Team Training Facilities in Florida
  5. Florida’s Nurses

Volume V- Medical Education in the University, ed. By Louis J. Maloof

  1. Meeting the need for Medical and Related Education
  2. Animal Nutrition, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Electronics, and Entomology
  3. Human nutrition, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Electronics, and Entomology.
  4. Plant Nutrition, Plant Pathology, Psychology, Public Health Engineering, Sociology and Anthropology, soils, Speech, and Veterinary Medicine
  5. Graduate Education, Cancer Research, Gerontology, Library, Organized Research, Radioisotopes, and Statistical Laboratory
  6. Clinical Services: An Example of Interdepartmental Cooperation
  7. Health Center Colleges and Infirmary: Medicine and Related Matters, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry.
  8. The University and Medical Education

History: Medical education in Florida- In 1945, Governor Caldwell’s Citizens Committee on Education began a comprehensive study and survey of education in Florida.  The Committee filed its report in 1947, and reached a conclusion that a medical school should be located at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  The report was preliminary and later that year the legislature authorized a survey and investigation and report on the establishment of a medical and dental school in Florida.  The Board of Control and State Board of Education appointed a committee to make the survey in 1948, appointing Dr. Vernon Lippard to direct the study.  The Lippard Report, as it came to be known, was filed on February 1, 1949.  It recommended siting the medical school in Gainesville, at the University of Florida.  The 1949 legislature passed a bill designating Gainesville as the site for the State Medical School.  Three representatives from cities fighting for the location of the school tried to amend and nullify the bill, but were unsuccessful.  They did, however, introduce an amendment that no moneys should be appropriated at that term of the legislature.  Three counties: Dade, Duval, and Hillsborough, continued to contest the Gainesville site, but overall support was in favor of situating the medical school in Gainesville and near the university.  Miami, however, never accepted the primacy of Gainesville, and struggled to create and accredit a medical school before Gainesville.   In 1951 the legislature passed a bill appropriating $100,000 for the purpose of creating plans.  Unwilling to spend this money to fund the study, UF applied for a grant from the Commonwealth Fund.  In response to concerns about the likelihood of Gainesville as the site, and about U. of Miami’s opening a school with utmost rapidity UF prepared a brief that emphasized the finality of the decision.  While Miami might open a School of Medicine, the plans for Gainesville were to open an entire health center with a number of colleges.  In March of 1952, Dr. William C. Thomas, Sr. of Gainesville questioned physicians on the State Association Board of Governors and determined that all felt the need for a state supported medical school in Florida, and all but two felt Gainesville was a good location.  The University of Florida, under J. Hillis Miller, undertook and extensive study in order best to plan the health center complex.

Study Chronology.  Ibegan: June 1, 1952, with Dr. John C. Maclachlan appointed Chief of Staff and Supervisor of Sociological Studies.  On June 15 personnel were appointed to the sociological studies group.  From June 23-28 Dr. Russell Poor consulted with the United States Public Health Service and the United States Office of Education and with the chairmen of the Faculty Research Committees.  He arrived to begin work on the study on June 30.

Research directors and committees were organized from July 7-23 and were comprised of:

July 7- Arts and Sciences- Dr. Arnold B. Grobman

Architecture- Mr. Jefferson M. Hamilton

July 8- Radioisotope Facility- Dr. George K. Davis

July 9- Paramedical Clinical Services- Dr. Darrell J. Mase, Supervisor

July 11- Administrative Studies- Dr. R.S. Pooor and Dr. J.M. Maclachlan

July 12- Medical Library- Stanley J. West and Miss Lora-Francis Davis

July 14- Electrical Engineering- Dean Joseph Weil, Supervisor

July 15- Electronics- Mr. Paul H. Nelson, Director

The first executive committee meeting was held July 25-26 during which there was discussion of basic policies.

The first progress report was due August 1.

August 10-14 Dr. George T. Harrell and Dr. John E. Ivey (8/14 only) served as consultants, discussing the study with Miller, Poor, Maclachlan, and the consulting architect, Jefferson Hamilton.

August 24-27- Dr. George T. Harrell, Dr. Ernest W. Goodpasture, and Dr. William Sanger came for consultation.

September 4, Dr. John Ivey, Director, Southern Regional Medical Board- worked on preplanning for Medical Advisory Committee Meeting and second meeting of Executive committee

October, 12 1952- Medical advisory committee meeting

October 15-16 Meeting of executive committee of the medical center study

March 1953  Medical Center Study completed.

April, 1953 Legislature appropriated $5,000,000 for College of Medicine and College of Nursing Building.

August, 1953 Provost for Health Center appointed

Summer, 1953 Final report- published

January, 1954 George T. Harrell appointed as first Dean of the College of Medicine.

Progress reports were submitted in the following areas:

MCS comprised of component studies; Administrative (Russell Poor and John Maclachlan); Architectural (Jefferson M. Hamilton); Engineering Studies (Joseph Weil)- Environmental Research Studies, Sanitary(John E. Kiker) and Mechanical (Paul H. Nelson) & Electronic Instrumentation Study (Paul H. Nelson); Curricula, Professional & Medical Pre-professional Education Study (Ralph E. Page & Arnold B. Grobman); Radioisotope Facility Studies (George K. Davis); Relationship of auxiliary clinical services to medicine (Darrel J. Mase and Edward Penson); Sociological studies (John M. Maclachlan and Irving Webber)

Study visualized medical center as composed of a number of interrelated units, each with an essential role in its program.  The professional schools, the hospital facilities and outpatient divisions, clinics such as those composing the present Florida Center of Clinical Services, the programs of in-service training and extension teaching, the research divisions to be established in cooperation with other branches of the University, as well as other units still to be envisioned, would have equal status as component parts of the Center.

Medical Advisory Committee reporting in October of 1952
William Sanger, Medical College of Virginia
George T. Harrell- Bowman-Gray Medical School
John E. Ivey- Consultant from Southern Regional Medical Board
Dr. Ernest W. Goodpasture- Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Executive Committee (as of 1954)-
John E. Deitrick, MD, Professor, Jefferson Medical College
William W. Frye, MD, Dean, LA State U. School of Medicine
George T. Harrell, Research Professor of Medicine, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem
John E. Ivey, PhD, Director, Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, GA
William T. Sanger, PhD, President, Medical College of VA
Maurice F. Saay, PhD, Chairman, Department of Education, U. of Chicago
Robert L. Sutherland, PhD, Director, Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, U. of Texas, Austin

Biographical note:  Russell Poor, b Mo, 3/10/1899, married 1927. BS U. Ill 1923, MS U. Ill 1925, PhD U.Ill. 1927.  Dean Graduate School, Alabama Polytech 1944-49, Chairmain University relations, Oak Ridge, 1949-1953 Director, Medical Center Study, 1952-53, Provost (position is now known as Vice President for Health Affairs) JH Miller Health Center 1954-1961.

Contents note:  The Medical Center Study papers contain volumes of the published study, correspondence with consultants and various committee members, news clippings on medical news of the day, progress reports, the complete reports and critiques of the completed reports as well as personnel information and material on the early study structure.  There also are articles from the Florida Alumnus on the study, its recommendations, the first dean of the College of Medicine and the early faculty.

Series 5 Folder Listing

Box 1

Early Planning-MCS-HC History

Early Planning-Basic Considerations-MCS 1950

Early Planning-Chronological Order-Events MCS Study UF beginning June 1, 1952

Early Planning-Revised Memorandum on Requirements for the Florida State Medical Center Oct. 18, 1950

Early Planning-Medical Center Study Preliminary Organization

Early Planning-Organization, Medical Center Study Chart

Early Planning-Editorial (Published in Gainesville Sun 1952)

Early Planning-Medical Education in the State of Florida

Early Planning-Medical Sciences Building

Early Planning-Medical Advisory Committee

Early Planning-Executive Committee

Early Planning-Location Studies

Early Planning-HCS Chronologies

Early Planning-Brief for Commonwealth Fund

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Medical Advisory Committee Minutes, Topics, Programs, Miscellaneous

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Correspondence With Medical Advisory Committee Members

Box 2

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Brown, Dr. Francis J.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Brucer, Marshall, M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Countiss, Dr. Eugene H.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Cuttino, John T. M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Davison, W.C.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Dietrick, Dr. John E.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Frye, William W., M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Goodpasture, Ernest W.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Hart, William M., M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Hildreth, Harold M.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Hollis, Dr. Ernest V.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Hudson, Dr. N. Paul

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Hyman, O.W., Ph.D

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Ivey, Dr. John E., Jr.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Kelly, G. Lombard, M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Lippard-Maclean Correspondence

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Walter J. Meek, M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Miller, J. Hillis, President

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Mildred E. Newton, D.Ed. in Nursing

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Pankratz, D.S., M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Jesse D., Jr., M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Pinkston, James O.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Poor, Russell S. (General)

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Proger, Samuel, M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Sanger, William Thomas

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Seay, Maurice F.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Severinghaus, Aura E.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Stephenson, Hugh E., Jr., M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Sutherland, Robert L.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Biographical Sketches

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Dr. Ernest W. Goodpasture:  Letter, 9/2/52, Biographical Sketch

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Consultants to Campus Schedules, Duplicate

Box 3

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Commonwealth Fund, Correspondence 1951-1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Copies of Letter to Malcolm P. Aldrich, President Commonwealth Fund, June 24, 1952 From J.H. Miller, President, University of Florida

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Medical Center Study, 1952-1953 Correspondence (Alphabetical)

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Medical Center Study-Letters from Med. School Deans, Etc.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Executive Committee-Membership List

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Executive Committee General Correspondence (Consultants)

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Exec. Comm. MCS Agenda July 25-26, 1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Exec. Com. MCS, Minutes July 25-26, 1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Exec. Comm. MCS, Agenda October 15-16, 1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Exec. Comm. MCS Minutes, October 15-16, 1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Faculty Comm. Original Recommendations

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Faculty Committee (Original) for Medical Center Study

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Various Letters to Faculty Research Committee

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Representatives, Florida State Health and Welfare Agencies

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Florida State Board of Health Wilson T. Sowder, M.D.

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Interviews, Dr. Maclachlan

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Meeting of Nurses-January 8, 1953 MCS with Mildred E. Newton, Consultant

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Report of the Dean of Nursing to Board of Visitors, September 12, 1952

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Attendance Medical Center Study Review Session (1/26/53) and Third Annual Conference on Gerontology

Biog. Sketches Correspondence-Correspondence with Various University Departments

Box 4

Personnel-Duplicate Copies-Appointments and Resignations (Consultant and General)

Personnel-Appointments (General)


Personnel-Medical Center Study Budget 1952-1953



Personnel-Travel-Faculty Research Members 1952-53

Personnel-Travel Schedules, August, September, October 1952

Info for Study-Dental Health Program for the Community

Info For Study-Freshman Med. Students (Residence of US and Canada)

Info for Study-Gainesville’s Community Resources

Info For Study-Group Practice

Info for Study-Hill Burton Program

Info for Study-Internships

Info for Study-Medical Care:  The Ideal Plan

Info for Study-Medical Care for minority Groups:  Negroes, Indians, Mexicans, etc.

Info for Study-Medical Care Team-Medical Service Personnel

Info for Study-MC Planning, Hosp., Cons., Services, Admin.

Info for Study-Medical Center, Regional Organization of Hospitals

Info for Study-Medical Educational Groups (National)

Info for Study-Medical Licensing Boards

Box 5

Info for Study-Medical Schools:  Affiliated with Universities

Info for Study-Medical Schools, Short-Short Courses

Info for Study-Medical Schools, Students other than Medical

Info for Study-Middle and South American Relationships

Info for Study-Negro Medical Students

Info for Study-New Medical Schools

Info for Study-Nursing Education

Info for Study-Pharmacists, Dentists, Optometrists

Info for Study-Preventive Medicines

Info for Study-Public Health Services

Info for Study-Quality of Medical Care and Medical Schools

Info for Study-Rehabilitation

Info for Study-Rural Areas Medical Needs

Info for Study-Social Studies, Importance of Sociology, etc in med.

Info for Study-Specialization

Info for Study-Student Tuition Fees

Info for Study-Teaching Staff Vacancies

Info for Study-Veteran and non-veteran Students, Enrollment by Classes

Info for Study-Medical Education, Current Periodicals

Info for Study-Medical Teaching and Study

Info for Study-Nursing Education

Info for Study-Public Health Education

Info for Study-Sociology and Medical Economics

Info for Study- Women in Medicine

Thomas Letter-Letters to Members of FMA (from Dr. Thomas)

Thomas Letter-Questions and Answers re Proposed Med. Center Sent to FMA with Thomas Letter February 1953

Thomas Letter-Returned Questions and Answers (Thomas Letter)

Thomas Letter-Returned Questions and Answers (Thomas Letter)

Thomas Letter-Returned Questions and Answers (Thomas Letter)

Reports and Progress Reports-Medical Center Study, Latin America

Reports and Progress Reports-Medical and Science Newsclippings 1952

Reports and Progress Reports-Architectural Study

Box 6

Reports and Progress Reports-Environmental Study (Sanitary Engineering)

Reports and Progress Reports-Memorandums (interdepartmental)

Reports and Progress Reports-Engineering Research, General

Reports and Progress Reports-Electronic Instrumentation

Reports and Progress Reports-Environmental Study, Mechanical engineering

Reports and Progress Reports-Relationship of Paramedical Clinical Services to medicine

Reports and Progress Reports-Sociological Study

Reports and Progress Reports-Medical Pre-Professional Training Studies

Reports and Progress Reports-Radioactive Isotope Research

Reports and Progress Reports-Florida’s Growth part I

Reports and Progress Reports-The University in Medicine:  A Proposal, An Experiment in Interdisciplinary Cooperation 10/24/54

Reports and Progress Reports-The University in Medicine (2):  A Proposal, University of Florida (Early Copies)

Box 7

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Reports Complete Mimeo Set

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report I

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report II Misc. Single Copies of HCS Fall (all other Copies Destroyed)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Reports III Engineering Research-Env. Study

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Reports III-Env. Studies, Mechanical Engineering (Duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report III, Env. Studies Duplicate (Sanitary Engineering)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report III Radioisotope Facility Study (Duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report III:  Relationship of Paramedical Clinical Services to Medicine (Duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report III:  Sociological Studies (Duplicdate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report III:  Medical Pre-Professional Training Studies (duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Electronic Instrumentation Study-Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Environmental Studies-Duplicate (Sanitary Engineering)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Engineering Research Env. Study Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Env. Studies-Mechanical Engineering Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Medical Pre-Professional Training Studies (duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Radioisotope facility Study, Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Relationship of Paramedical Clinical Services to Medicine (Duplicate)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report IV:  Sociological Studies Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Electronic Instrumentation Study:  Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Environmental Studies (Sanitary Engineering)  Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Engineering Research-Duplicate (Env. Study)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Env. Studies-OUP (Mechanical engineering)

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Medical Pre-Professional Training Studies-Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Radioisotope Facility Study-Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Relationship of Paramedical clinical Services to Medicine – Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report V:  Sociological Studies Duplicate

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report VI:  Public Health Related engineering studies related to medical Science

Reports and Progress Reports-Progress Report VI:  Relationship of Paramedical Clinical Services to Medicine

Box 8

Medical Center Study- Final Report, Vol. 1, Ch. 1 early draft with comments

Medical Center Study-Human Life Foundation Chart with JHM quote

Medical Center Study-Program:  UF vs. Citadel 10/17/53

Medical Center Study-Florida Alumnus-Loose Articles

Medical Center Study-Florida Alumnus

Medical Center Study-Press Releases

Medical Center Study-Letters Re:  Distribution of Part I-Summer Report 3/53

Medical Center Study-Mailing List

Medical Center Study-Chart, U. Integrated Programs and Services

Medical Center Study-Harrell Comments and Writings

Medical Center Study-Draft Material

Medical Center Study-Original Statements submitted for draft of MCS Final Report

Medical Center Study Final Report-Medical Library Survey-L.F. Davis-White, Postell Library Recommendations

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume I Appendix, Dr. Thomas’ Letters, questions and Answers

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume I, Appendix “Representative List of Persons Interviewed”

Medical Center Study-Volume I, Appendix (Address by President Miller)

Medical Center Study Final Report- Paramedical Clinical Services, Appendix

Medical Center Study Final Report-Sociological Studies, HCS

Medical Center Study-Miscellaneous

Box 9

The University in Medicine:  A Proposal by the University of Florida

Medical Center Study:  Part I, Summary Report, March 2, 1953

Medical Center Study Final Report-“Radioisotopes Facility”, Appendix

Medical Center Study Final Report-Appendix-Courses now offered at the University of Florida-Medical School Curriculum

Medical Center Study Final Report-Report of the Director, Part 1:  Summary

Medical Center Study Final Report-The University in Medicine-A Proposal, University of Florida

Medical Center Study Final Report-Outlines

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume 1

Medical Center Study Final Report-Health and the People of Florida

Medical Center Study Final Report-Florida’s Doctors at Mid-century:  A State’s Medical Profession

Box 10

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume 5 (Folder one)

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume 5 (Folder Two)

Medical Center Study Final Report-Health Center Education and Services

Medical Center Study Final Report-The Relationship of the Florida Center of Clinical Services to the Health Center

Medical Center Study Final Report-General

Medical Center Study Final Report-Volume 5

Medical Center Study Final Report-Final Progress Report on the Editing and Publication of the Medical Center Study Series

Medical Study Final Report-Publication-Final Report

Box 11

MCS and UF-UF map

MCS and UF-Statistical Laboratory

MCS and UF-Student Health Department

MCS and UF-UF Cancer Research Laboratory-MCS

MCS and UF-Library-MCS

MCS and UF-Pharmacy, College of

MCS and UF-Business Manager-UF

MCS and UF-UF Study of the Superior Student

MCS and UF-UF Press-Catalog of Books

Follow up HCS Study- (Proposed) Follow up Study Medical Center Study

Follow up HCS Study-HCS Staff

Follow up HCS Study-HCS Travel

Follow up HCS Study-Payroll, HCS 1956

Follow up HCS Study-Advisory Committee HCS-1956 Committee

Follow up HCS Study-HCS Budget, Proposed 1956-57

Copy of 5 volumes, published MCS Study

Box 12 (Larger Box)

3-ring Binder with Final Draft of Medical Center Study

Compensation of Medical Practice-Med Center Study

Medical Center Study-Financial Considerations