Manuscript collection 6- Foote papers

Physical description: 2 boxes (0.8 linear feet)

Arrangement note: Miscellaneous materials 

Biographical note: In 1926, Dr. Perry A. Foote received a Master of Science degree in Pharmacy from theUniversityofWisconsin.  Two years later, in 1928, Dr. Foote graduated from theUniversityofWisconsinwith a Ph.D in Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.  He moved to theUniversityofFloridain 1939 to become the third director of theSchoolofPharmacyand in 1940, became the first director of the Bureau of Professional relations, which was established to promote better communication among pharmacists and physicians.  When theSchoolofPharmacybecame theCollegeofPharmacyin 1949, Dr. Foote became the second dean.  He retired from this position in 1967.  In addition to his responsibilities with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Dr. Foote also held the position of President of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy for several years.

Contents note: Collection consists of a mix of materials related to Dr. Foote’s life and early training in Pharmacy.

Box #1
-The AcceptedFloridaFormulary, Second Edition.  1951
-RhoPi Phi 10th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Regional Conference Program.  March 3-5, 1967 (2 Copies)
-TheUniversityofWisconsinCommencement Register.  Monday, June 18, 1928
-Bulletin of theUniversityofWisconsin, 1932.  Phytochemistry by Edward Kremers.
-Bulletin of theUniversityofWisconsin, December 1928.  Tablets: The Evolution of the Tablet Machine and A Bibliography on Tablets by Perry A. Foote
-Student Chapter American Pharmaceutical Association Annual Spring Banquet Mary 26, 1966.
-TheUniversityofWisconsinCommencement Register, Monday, June 21, 1926.
-Chemical Engineering at theUniversityofWisconsin:  The Early Years (From A Century of Chemical Engineering
-Lab Notes
-Lab Notes
-American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, volume 26, Summer 1962

Box #2
-The Pioneer Drug Store of theWisconsinHistorical Museum, June 1930
-University Record: CollegeofPharmacy,UniversityofFlorida.  Vol. XXIII, NO. 3, June 1928
-Preliminary report of the Committee on Professional Leadership Needs inFlorida.  September 18, 1946.
-Some Features of Progress of Medicine in Fifty years, 1880-1930 by Perry A. Foote
-Formulas for Perfumery and Toilet Preparations fo the Usual market Prices and Quality
-Twelve Colored Art Plates of Medicinal Plants
-Platinum Wire for Chemical Testing
-A Study for the Treatment of Eczematiod Ringworm (2 Copies)
-Trends in Pharmaceutical Education by Perry A. Foote
-Formula for Orangeade and Fruit Punch
-Veterinary Formulas
-Papers for the Development Committee
-TheBattleAgainst Disease
-The Drug Clerk’s Dream
-Envelope containing 5 each of the following reprints:
The Teaching of Nonofficial Remedies
The Alkaloids of Argemone Alba Lestib
The Florida Sponge industry
A Note on the Volatile Oil of Illicium Parviflorum Michx
A Transparent Emulsion of Oil of Turpentin
A Chemical Investigation of the Seeds of Glottidium Vesicarium
FloridaVolatile Oils III…Pychanthemum Muticum (Michx.) Pers. Assay
Methods and Minor Constituents
FloridaVolatile Oils IV…SweetOrange
FloridaVolatile Oils V…Illicium Floridanum, Ellis
Some Features of Progress of Medicine in Fifty Years, 1880-1930
A Preliminary Phytochemicy Study of Tillandsis
-A study for the treatment for Eczematiod Ringworm by Perry A. Foote, Reprinted from the American Druggist, January, 1930 (3 Copies)
-Reprints:  Local Anesthetics derived from Cumic and 3 Nitrocumic Acids
-Feature:  Progress of Medicine Reprints
-Hanke’s Solution